Personalization Guide

What is personalization? 

Personalization tells a unique story.  Whether it is for yourself or a gift, personalization turns anything into something special. Here are several ways and ideas to personalize your own story.


Express your own unique self with color and type. Or give the gift that has their name written all over it - for friends, lovers or family members. Go first, first and last or just last.

Special Dates & Places

Mark new homes, beach homes, happy homes; wedding dates, birth dates or favorite first dates. Personalization turns a ho-hum hostess or housewarming gift into a true act of love.


Connect your favorite word to your favorite item. Maybe your tray is "here to serve" or your towel gets you "squeaky clean" post-bubble bath. Separate carafes for "water" and "wine," or a tray that says "delicious" become conversation starters at your gatherings.


Whether you're living in the moment ("carpe diem!" or "namaste") or sending a clear message ("love me" or "not now"), say what you want. 


Personalized bridesmaids or groomsman gifts
  • Use a one-letter monogram or full first name.

Personalized wedding gifts

  • Give them something sweet to eat, like sugared almonds, individual chocolates or candies.

Mother of the bride

  • Think sentimental with a heartfelt message.

Father of the bride

  • Choose something classic with a three-letter monogram (first, last, middle).
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